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Corporate Events. Why use an event planner when you or an employee can do the job?  Our services are often overlooked as unnecessary. Your employee may do a fine job and maybe the event will be a success. But, even in this best-case scenario, we can guarantee a few things:

Consider It Done They spent more time than necessary planning the event.
Consider It Done During the time you or your employee used planning an event, other tasks were overlooked.
Consider It Done You experienced more aggravation and hassle than was necessary causing you may more stress than you needed.
Examples: Dealing with multiple vendors, negotiating contracts, and managing guest lists can be confusing. Juggling details can become difficult as the planning process progresses, and things can easily fall through the cracks.
Consider It Done Money can be spent in places where there is more value for your dollar where it would have played an important role in making your event exquisite and unique. Examples: Maybe you paid for alcohol on a "per drink" basis, and your guests consumed more than the amount you anticipated. Or, you overestimated the number of guests and your caterer or venue charged you for people who did not actually attend. You may not have thought to provide leis for your luau, or you may not have made up nametags for each of your meeting attendees.

Hiring an event planner is really a necessity, guaranteed to save you stress and time and more often than not save you money too.

Weddings/Parties. Wedding planners/Party planners are experts in knowing  where to find exactly what you want to make your day the best it can be.  They can be counted on to make sure everything goes as planned and on schedule.  They handle any “situations” that pop up and they can be there for support and advice when you need them.   The knowledge of a good wedding planner can save you money because they know which services and products provide you with the best value to carry off the wedding/party of your dreams.

Keynote Speakers. The right speaker can catapult a good event into a spectacular event, where as a bad speaker can ruin the event (and some careers along the way).   Good speakers will inspire, connect, motivate, celebrate and grow success.  How do you know they’re good?  At CID we never recommend a speaker unless we have firsthand knowledge of how they perform.   We have watched and listened to each of our speakers, and on more than one occasion to insure they hit the mark every time.  Our speakers have a wide variety of topics and we know you’ll be pleased.  We can also offer references for each speaker so you can feel confident you’ve made the right choice.

DJ Services. DJs can make or break a party or event.  The problem is you don’t know what’s missing until you’ve used one.  We may be bragging, but our DJs are the best ever.  They have been in the industry for over 15 years, some over 20 years.   They have experience from ribbon cuttings and small intimate gatherings to sound for bands and events for over 1,000 people.  Their sound makes us look good!

Please call us at (209) 369-6890, send an email or complete our online information request to find out how we may assist you.

"Consider It Done" (CID) event planning delivers results with smart, strategic thinking, and a givers gain philosophy

Just call us and consider it done!
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